The Rise of Technology in Promotional Merchandise

Today is the anniversary of the first ever telephone call; 1142 years since Alexander Graham Bell spoke the words ‘Mr Watson, come here. I want to see you’ for the first time. He wrote of a future where ‘friends converse with each other without leaving home.’ I wonder if he ever imagined how far the technology he fathered would develop. As technology advances, better and faster products become the norm rather than the luxury they once were and because of this, we are seeing a rise in tech products in the promotional merchandise industry. There are many kinds of tech products that you can use to promote your brand and they have different ways of pleasing your customer which, ultimately, puts your brand in their good books.

As we move through the years we can see businesses change in many ways; one big change that we are starting to see in 2018 is the number of Millennials who are making decisions in business. I know. How time flies? It may seem too soon, but it is true! According to recent research carried out by Snap App and Heinz Marketing, 13% of firms say that at least one Millennial is a decision maker on their buying committee. Not only this but a huge 27% of firms have a Millennial who is an influencer when it comes to business purchases. Due to this shift in target audience, we can also see a shift in the type of promotional merchandise that companies are using to attract the attention of their customers. Modern products such as branded Bluetooth speakers are becoming ever more used as a promotional item as they hone in on the interest of Millennial influencers.

 Promotional mobile phone accessories are a great way of keeping your brand current; they have a high level of functionality and are of great use to customers which mean they will be kept and used for a longer period of time. In a world where we have become accustomed to having everything instantaneously, at the touch of a button, it can become somewhat frustrating when simple things such as having low battery or running out of storage stops you from doing the simplest of tasks. New-style branded USB's that allow on-the-go data transfer between mobiles and laptops are a big hitter in 2018 as they free up mobile phone memory without having to delete any data you may need in the future. Another big mover in 2018, due to advance in QI technology, is the wireless printed phone charger. As more and more phone types become compatible with this technology, it will really take off as a great way to keep your brand on customers’ minds; what could be better than having an item with your logo on it on your customer’s desk and in their eye-sight all day, every day.  

As well as high functionality promotional merchandise, there is a rise in impressive products which will wow your customers into doing business with you. A good example of this is the current trend of promotional Virtual Reality (VR) products. You don’t have to spend the big bucks on these products either; for a very small price you can purchase branded VR glasses to which you simply attach a smart phone (with the necessary apps or YouTube video) and away you go on your virtual reality experience. Imagine how impressed your customers would be if you sent them a pair of these glasses with your logo on it!