NXT Tour S!

The Titleist NXT Tour S golf ball delivers the same high performance characteristics as NXT Tour with significantly softer feel.

NXT Tour S features , proprietary low compression, highly resilient core, in combination with the same soft, thin Fusablend cover formulation and aerodynamics as the NXT Tour.

NXT Tour S offers a softer compression feel than its counterpart and, like NXT Tour, offers low driver and long iron spin for outstanding distance, a piercing trajectory and consistent ball flight, and commanding short game spin and control.

As another preference option for golfers, the NXT Tour S is offered in white and high optic yellow.

Feature :-
Engineered for High Performance.
Soft Compression Feel.
Outstanding Distance.
Commanding Short Game Spin and Control.
Delivers Feel and Color Preferences.
Proprietary soft compression, highly resilient core.
Soft, thin Fusablend cover.
spherically tiled Octahedron 4 axis of symmetry, 302 dimple design.
High optic yellow also available.

All Golf Balls are packed into three ball card sleeves.
Outer Pack Size : Dozen Balls.
Colour : White and Yellow.
Print Area : 24mm Diameter.

*Free Set-up 1-5 Colours.

Print type and position

Template Available on Request
On Request:

8109 Titleist NXT Tour S Golf Balls



Lead time

12 working days